Review Video: Instrument Roles in the Jazz Rhythm Section

About a year ago, I taught my first online course. At that time, I decided to create and post some supplementary review videos (see below). Recently, I revised one of them to get more experience using advanced techniques in PowerPoint and creating more professional-sounding audio for free. I used Audacity, a computer mic placed in a towel insulated file box, and a mic screen made from pantyhose and a embroidery hoop – both of which I happened to have lying around. Not perfect, but certainly better than before. I hope to create similar videos based on my own research very soon.

Original Supplemental Videos as TA for MUSIC 331 (History of Jazz) at University of Washington  (October, 2012)

Created using PowerPoint, Audacity, and Windows Live Movie Maker.

Review: Rhythm Section Instrument Roles (YouTube) *revised version above

Review: Roots of Jazz (YouTube)

Concert Observation 101 (YouTube)

Rhythm Changes (YouTube)

Author: Leah Pogwizd

Bassist, Instructor, Writer

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