September 2015 Newsletter

noapologiesBeginning this month, I’m going to create a monthly newsletter to give details about upcoming gigs, make other announcements, and write practice notes. These brief notes will discuss the ways that my current work is shaping my thinking about practice. In this month: a bunch of Sunday gigs, changes to the website, upcoming courses, workshop prep, the exhaustion of standing, and not making unnecessary apologies/explanations.


This is the month of Sunday (public) gigs… For more information, see my calendar.

  • Tomorrow, Sunday September 6th, I’m playing with the Savoy Night Owls at the Collaboratory Art Party in Hillman City @ 8pm
  • Next Sunday, September 13th, I’m playing with the UW Studio Jazz Band at Tula’s in Belltown @ 7pm; we’re getting ready to record an album later in the month – which means 3 hours of practice every weekday for a few weeks, very intense!
  • The following Sunday, September 20th, I’ll be guest directing Jazz Underground, again at Tula’s @ 3pm; word on the street is that Tula’s will be closed soon for redevelopment, so check it out while you can
  • The following Sunday, September 27th, I’ll be playing with Ann Reynolds at Serafina in Eastlake @ 6:30pm


  • I changed the name of the blog for the fifth (or more) and hopefully last time. It’s now called “Versatile Practice” – based on my burgeoning interest in using practice as a meta-focus to address audiences in and outside of music. The name is based on these two posts: “Versatility, Not Virtuosity” and “Practice Makes [Better].” To seal the deal, I added the domain to my site. You can now access the website/blog at (I also did some slight overhaul on the site as a whole).
  • I successfully interviewed to teach continuing education courses at two local community colleges (barring under-enrollment and class cancellation). Information is now available on the courses page. I’ll be posting more information as it becomes available.
  • While the car theft brought my productivity to a grinding halt, I’m hoping to get back soon to promoting my upcoming workshop, “The Art of Practicing Bass.” I’ll be writing some posts specifically addressing bass practice over the next month.

Practice Notes

  • As I mentioned above, I’ve been playing 3 hour rehearsals in preparation for a recording session. Add in another couple of hours of rehearsals or individual practice and you have an absolutely exhausting amount of standing each day. I’ve been trying to be better about not defaulting to sitting all the time, but I’m realizing just how difficult it is to stand for long periods of time – even with all my yoga training. When the recording’s done, I’ll blog about sitting vs. standing in regards to movement and movement-based practices.
  • For the past few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with something: I’ve been trying (with varying degrees of success) to not apologize or explain myself to anyone in written and verbal communication unless I am genuinely sorry or wish to offer the other party a (very brief) explanation. Being both female and a former graduate student, I have a double-whammy of socialization to be overly apologetic and explanatory. As with the previous note, I’ll blog more on this topic later with more discussion of gratuitous apologies as a form of “clutter” that impedes different forms of practice.

Author: Leah Pogwizd

Bassist, Instructor, Writer

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