November 2015 Newsletter

This is my third newsletter (after September and October) and I’m pleasantly surprised I’m still sticking with it. Here are upcoming gigs, announcements, and practice notes for November. In this month: the calm before the storm of holiday gigs, 30 Minute Bass Workout, and reflecting on October.


Even less gigs this month, but I know things will start picking up as it gets closer to the holidays… For more information and as I update my schedule, see my calendar.

  • I’m doing a my gig with pianist Ann Reynolds at Serafina Restaurant two weeks in a row (to accommodate Thanksgiving) – November 8th and 15th (6:30pm – 9:00pm)


  • Right now, I’m starting to edit the first volume of what I’ve tentatively titled, “30 Minute Bass Workout.” I’ve had this idea in my head for a while, but I was motivated to start making it a reality after my workshop. I got a lot of really helpful feedback from the participants. Before, I was planning on creating a large book about how to practice and design practice routines for bass. However, after working with other bassists, I realize that the majority of them want to be given specific instructions on what to practice. Each of the “30 Minute Bass Workout” volumes will contain 6 5-minute segments: Warmup/Stretching, Right Hand Technique, Left Hand Technique I, Left Hand Technique II, Conceptual Practice I, and Conceptual Practice II. Volume 1, tentatively titled “At the Starting Line,” will cover half- and first-position techniques and is designed for beginners or more advanced bassists looking to review fundamentals.

Practice Notes

  • In October, my cat passed away (the subject of two blog posts and probably more to come). Taking care of Coco and then losing her altered my perceptions of life in some pretty major ways. I didn’t touch my cross-stitch project for the entire month because I was too busy. About the only time I spend on the internet now is answering emails and business administration – to maximize productivity and spend an unhealthy amount of time with my surviving cat, Lola. In spite of all this, I was still able to complete a 30-Day-Challenge (30 classes in 30 days) at my hot yoga studio – including several days of back-to-back classes in which I sweated more than I thought physically possible. Having a daily yoga practice helped keep me grounded and as relaxed as possible during this difficult time.
  • In addition, this experience was clarifying. Regular readers of the blog know that I have a plethora of interests (e.g. comedy, comics, pop music, and the aforementioned cross-stitch) and often have difficulty focusing on any particular one. As of now (and this is certainly subject to change), I’m focusing on adulting (taking care of myself/others), bass (practice/performance), teaching (classes/ensembles/lessons), writing (instructional e-books), and yoga (classes/self-study). I’ll blog more about this shift, but for now I will say that I have been focusing on activities that give me a strong sense of purpose – in the same way that taking care of Coco did.

Author: Leah Pogwizd

Bassist, Instructor, Writer

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