Comics: Brainblocks

This new feature is the unofficial sequel to Dissertation Comics. One of my favorite parts of grad school was distilling complex sources down to their essential concept(s). This series will allow me to keep doing just that, albeit with non-academic, non-fiction books (primarily about business, productivity, habits, and practice).

This month’s source material was recommended to me by my mom. As someone who’s all about problem-solving, I liked Tsaousides’ approach of learning to identify and address specific barriers to reaching one’s goal.

For the record, my biggest brainblocks are multi-tasking and perfectionism. In an attempt to develop the habit of “monotasking” and avoid obsessing over the wrong things, I’ve spent a lot of my holiday vacation trying to identify and isolate my primary goals/priorities. My hope is to start 2016 by restructuring my time to emphasize bass, design, teaching, writing, and yoga. I’m sure I’ll return to these two brainblocks in futures Musings or Doctor’s Notes posts.



Author: Leah Pogwizd

Bassist and Instructor

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