Gig-Ready Jazz Bassist and Figuring Out My Personal/Professional Identities

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finally launched the blog/website for “Gig-Ready Jazz Bassist.” In addition to selling e-book practice guides, my hope is to eventually develop some sort of online instruction. The website is aimed at adult learners who want to develop as jazz bassists to the level where they can play gigs.

Launching this website marks a huge turning point in my professional development. For the longest time, I identified as a “Renaissance Person” and resisted any suggestion that I should specialize in just one thing.

“Gig-Ready” combines my interests in music, instructional design, and entrepreneurship (and, Spoiler Alert, will feature some jazz-bass-themed comics). I also allows me to focus on two things that I enjoy and would like to think that I’m fairly decent at: playing and teaching jazz bass.

But rather than try to be “Gig-Ready” 24-7, I’m working to compartmentalize my personal and professional identities. The latter is highly skilled and specialized, while the former needs multiple pursuits – such as cross-stitch, pop music comics, yoga, etc.

I’m very busy right now trying to get “Gig-Ready” off of the group on top of my other professional obligations, so it’s difficult to spell out just how excited and relieved I am right now. For regular readers of “Versatile Practice,” rest assured that I’ll keep up with my content right here. Hopefully, some of you will get some benefit out of “Gig-Ready” as well. Here’s to an exciting future!

Author: Leah Pogwizd

Bassist, Instructor, Writer

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