Figuring Out MY LIFE

MY LIFEAs a Renaissance Person determined to not be aimless, there’s power in focusing on *just* six things: Music, Yoga, Living small, Instruction, Family/friends, and Entrepreneurship
After listing 10 main things as part of my Polymath Challenge, I’m finally condensing my foci into a list of six things. For whatever reason, getting ready to hit the one-year mark for getting my PhD has really given me sense of clarity and drive. Here is a summary of MY LIFE – six things, all of which I’ve been fascinated by since I was a young child.

Music. My long-standing, primary interest, including: jazz, pop music, bass, theory, learning other instruments, etc.

Yoga. While I practice (hot) yoga daily for my mood, musicianship, and weight management, it also forces me to consider things like diet, sleep, healthcare, mindfulness, etc.

Living Small. I’ve been really hit by the simplicity bug while scaling down in preparation for a move. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with tiny houses, de-cluttering, architecture, interior design, and other ways to create enjoyable living space.

Instruction. Most of the work that I do now is as an instructor, but I’m also gearing up to do more instructional design as part of Gig-Ready Jazz Bassist. I lump in things like blogging and my comics into this category.

Family/Friends. I feel like I really let this part of my life go during the last part of my Ph.D. work.I’m trying to put more time into building relationships with in-town and long-distance friends; immediate and extended family; and my community in general. (I’m also focused on really overindulging my cat)

Entrepreneurship. I’ve been trying to incorporate both freelancing (offering my services as a bassist and instructor) and micro-business (developing e-learning products) into my quest to design an awesome, fulfilling career. I’m also trying to build a well-rounded skill set including marketing, productivity, and personal finance.

Do you have a certain number of focal points which drive your life? If not, would six things be far too many or far too few for you?



Author: Leah Pogwizd

Bassist and Instructor

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