The “Drops in the Bucket List”

Drops in the BucketWhile individual choices and habits may seem insignificant, collectively they can lead to significant, positive change. What are the small, but important things that you do and would like to see more people adopt? The idea here is not to impose or cast judgment on others, but to share the things that have worked for us personally.

Here are the “top 10” on my list:

  1. Eat vegetarian and mostly organic
  2. Take public transportation whenever possible and batch errands to minimize car use (going car-free isn’t really an option as a double-bassist…)
  3. Keep my cat indoors to keep her from going full murder-machine (I do try to give her plenty of stimulation and the occasional, supervised outdoor-time)
  4. Vote in (almost) every election and research candidates/initiatives/etc.
  5. Buy eco-friendly or secondhand clothes and donate all old clothes to Goodwill (which in Seattle, will recycle them if it they’re in too bad of shape to sell)
  6. Recycle, compost, minimize garbage, shop with reusable bags, etc.
  7. Try to avoid wasting food (I’m not always as good about this as I’d like to be…)
  8. Use eco-friendly products as much as possible (which have the added bonus of not agitating my ridiculously sensitive skin…)
  9. Be financially responsible – minimize expenses, pay off debt as quickly as possible, track any and all transactions, etc. (again, I’m not always as good about this as I’d like to be)
  10. Be conscious of energy and water use – turn off lights, take shorter showers, don’t leave appliances/technology plugged in all the time, etc. (I’ll even go out of my way to close open freezer doors at grocery stores)

Feel free to share your own list in the comments. I may even try out and write about some of them.

Also, a wrote a related post on my other site applying this concept to music.

Author: Leah Pogwizd

Bassist and Instructor

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