Wrapping Up 2016

wrapping-up-2016In spite of the loss, uncertainty, and angst of 2016, it was still a year of incredible personal and professional development for me. Here’s why I’m hoping to make 2017 an even better, more productive year!

In the past year, I’ve lost around 40 lbs. (which required a major dietary overhaul), scaled down into a much happier living situation, started to get control of my finances, launched Gig-Ready Jazz Bassist, played a series of high-profile concerts, increased my teaching load, and countless other successes. This wasn’t some random stream of luck, but the result of many years of hard work and sacrifice.

For the upcoming year, I’m looking forward to many new opportunities as a performer and educator. I’m putting the finishing touches on the Gig-Ready Jazz Bassist e-book, which has allowed me to codify my teaching method. I’m working hard to have it ready for publication in January.

While it’s been a challenge trying to run two blogs, I’m looking forward to developing and integrating them. Versatile Practice will continue to focus on personal and professional development, but I’m also hoping to post more comics and cross-stitch projects. Gig-Ready Jazz Bassist will continue to focus on making practice efficient, effective, and enjoyable. In addition, I’m hoping to create more comics for that site and delve more into the concept of self-directed learning.

As we enter the holiday season in full force, I wish all the best to my readers on both sites. 2016 was a crazy year and 2017 may prove to be just as much, if not more so. But I’ve learned through experience that even in time of chaos, we still have a lot of power to better ourselves, help our families, and improve our communities. The key is to be willing to change and live an authentic, unashamed life.

Happy Holidays!

– Leah Pogwizd

Author: Leah Pogwizd

Bassist and Instructor

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