Countdown to Gig-Ready Jazz Bassist e-Book Launch

Note: This post was originally published on my other site, Gig-Ready Jazz Bassist

Yesterday, I put the finishing touches on the (hopefully) semi-final draft of my e-book. Here’s a few sample pages from it. I’m planning to launch it by March 24th. That’s the day I launched this site almost a year ago (and yes, at that point I thought I was “just about done” with the e-book – these things always take way longer than expected…)

Once I finish the e-book/practice guide, I’m planning to release more of a traditional book of practice exercises for the Technique and Applied Theory sections. From there, I’ll decide which other instruments to learn and adapt to my practice methods. Stay tuned!

Author: Leah Pogwizd

Bassist, Instructor, Writer

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