Comics: Essentialism

This month’s book is one of the all-time favorites of my father – who is an even bigger productivity book junkie than I am. The full title says it all – essentialism is the disciplined pursuit of less. In other words, you can build a life around the meaningful/joyful essentials, but it takes a lot of discipline and hard work.

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Musings: 16 Daily Habits for 2016

Goal IconDespite 2015 being one of my most tumultuous years ever (highlights: starting business, finishing Ph.D., getting car stolen), I also started developing some really good daily habits. After much neurotic list-making, I have identified 16 daily habits that I am striving to maintain or adopt in 2016.

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LP Stitch: Henry Darger Reproduction

In December, I took a break from album covers while making my mom her Christmas present. One of her favorite artists is Henry Darger (whom she became rather obsessed with after watching the amazing documentary “In the Realms of the Unreal” – which I highly recommend).

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Comics: Brainblocks

This new feature is the unofficial sequel to Dissertation Comics. One of my favorite parts of grad school was distilling complex sources down to their essential concept(s). This series will allow me to keep doing just that, albeit with non-academic, non-fiction books (primarily about business, productivity, habits, and practice).

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