wardmcIn Spring 2014, I taught a 1-credit seminar entitled, “Sounds of Laughter: Musical Comedy in the United States.” During this time (and after the seminar had finished), I wrote numerous blog posts about various artists and topics. Links to the full seminar materials are posted below.

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Links for “Sounds of Laughter” Materials

  • Introduction
  • Week 1: Entering the Conversation/Incongruity/Contemporary
  • Week 2: Assumptions, Views, and Debates/Race and Ethnicity/2000s
  • Week 3: Quotations and Summaries/Feminism/1990s
  • Week 4: Addressing Sources/Postmodernism/1980s
  • Week 5: Signaling/Rockism and Funk/1970s
  • Week 6: Objections and Concessions/Counterculture/1960s
  • Week 7: Relevance and Importance/Camp/1950s (Rock and Roll)
  • Week 8: Transitions/Canon/1940s – 1950s (Jazz)
  • Week 9: Metacommentary/Subversion/pre-1950s
  • Week 10: Questions/Review/Summary
  • Quote Library

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