Week 10 (Sounds of Laughter)

Week 10 (Sounds of Laughter)

Academic Conversation Skill: Questions
Concept: Review
Time Period: Summary

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During this class period, students will have the chance to ask questions about and/or discuss their final projects.


During this class period, instructor will review several concepts discussed throughout the seminar, emphasizing their functions within comedy.

Performance Example (N/A) (Summary)

This class period will not use a performance example for analysis. Instead, instructor will summarize several themes that are found in U.S. musical comedy across time periods.

[No Reading/Performance Questions]


Write a brief essay (around 100 words) outlining the ways in which this seminar has changed your thinking about both academic conversation and U.S. musical comedy. This may include discussions of specific academic conversation skills, concepts related to U.S. musical comedy, and/or performances from specific time periods. Post a Word file of your essay. (Due the Friday after class @ 5pm PST)

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